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Welcome to the website of Dr. Karina Poirier, Psy.D., BCBA-D, an experienced professional in childhood development who has developed a comprehensive social and emotional skills curriculum, social interaction-based workshops, and social skills seminars (local and international) that emphasize social interaction as a key component in acquiring the life skills children with social skills deficits need to succeed in the classroom and in the “real world”.

Dr. Poirier would like to share her more than 15 years of expertise on the use of social interaction to build social competence in children, and offers the following social skills solutions for educators, clinicians, other professionals, and parents who work with children with low- and high-functioning autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, and other developmental delays. Dr. Poirier:

Clinic-tested, social interaction-based curriculum and educational workshops

Dr. Poirier has written a complete curriculum that improves and advances the emotional thinking (emotional intelligence), social language ability, friendship-making skills, narrative ability, and conflict resolution/problem solving skills of children with social and cognitive deficits. Educators, clinicians, and parents of children with social and cognitive deficits can learn how to effectively implement the strategies discussed in Dr. Poirier’s books with social interaction-based workshops, which are offered across the United States.

Dr. Poirier’s exceptional social skills therapy curriculum develops and strengthens social skills that enable children to build meaningful and lasting relationships with peers. Children learn social interaction skills through modeling, coaching, and direct-instruction. The negative behaviors that isolate children from being accepted by peers are shaped into socially acceptable behaviors that attract peers. This widens children’s opportunities to demonstrate acquired play and friendship skills, conversational skills, empathy skills, and social problem-solving skills—the very characteristics that make children likeable and appealing to play with. Return to Top

Articulate speaker and educator

Dr. Poirier conducts a variety of seminars geared toward building the skills sets of professionals who work with children with social and cognitive deficits. She is available for on-site training to districts and private organizations to discuss topics like “Teaching Executive Functions to Children with Social and Cognitive Deficits,” and “Teaching Social and Emotional Understanding to Children with Social Cognitive Deficits.” Return to Top

Results-oriented and compassionate clinical director

Dr. Poirier is the clinical director of the Center for Social Cognition, a prominent clinic for treating social and cognitive deficits in autism and related disorders.

Dr. Poirier’s clients praise her personality and success rate: “Dr. Karina Poirier is a vibrant, highly articulate professional with a big heart;”  “We are grateful for her diligent work! Our son is now thriving;” “Wow! I can’t even begin to describe the transformation and changes I have seen in my son over the past year.”

Dr. Poirier’s approach to the treatment and understanding of developmental disorders is groundbreaking.  “No amount of money in the world could ever repay what Dr. Poirier has done for my son, and for my family.”

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